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see SittweSittwe
or Akyab
, city (1983 pop. 107,607), capital of Rakhine State, W Myanmar, at the mouth of the Kaladan River and on the Bay of Bengal. It is an important port and rice-milling center.
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, Myanmar.
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After landing at Akyab, when I came out of the helicopter I was met by an armed Burmese soldier who enquired in Urdu if I was a Pakistani and a Muslim; when I replied in the affirmative he greeted me with an "Assalam-o-Alaikum" and smilingly informed me that he also was a Muslim and his name was Mustafa Kamal.
The ordeal faced by Arakan's Muslims was exacerbated when 10 Muslims traveling from Akyab to Maungdav were slaughtered by Buddhist fanatics on June 3, 2012.
the annual administration noted that nearly every prisoner admitted into the Akyab jail was an opium smoker.
The first involved the descriptions of the early fighting- the actions against the British tanks and the description of a Zero/Hurricane encounter over Akyab by a 64th Fighter Squadron pilot.
Smart in his report (Burma Gazetteer Akyab District Volume A, Rangoon, Superintendent, Government Printing, Burma, 1917, p 84) wrote, "When Arakan was first ceded it wasfound to be depopulated but immigrants soon flocked in, composed mainly of persons who had been driven out by the Burmese or who escaped during the war and who came back to their homes from Chittagong and other neighboring districts,and as the country became more settled the immigration increased.
The increase in Muslim population is reflected in the British census of 1871 which reported 58,255 Muslims in Akyab District and by 1911 this population had increased to 178,647.
15) Chinese ambition is further evident in the Indian Ocean helping Myanmar to modernize its naval bases at Hanggyi, the Cocos Islands, Akyab and Mergui (Kuppuswamy 2004).
The geographical extension of mercantile networks in the region -- in addition to various middlemen involved in assembling paddy for export, there were a large number of commercial houses in Akyab by 1840, and at least eight in Moulmein by 1846 -- and the extension and elaboration of networks for gathering, processing, and disseminating commercial information helped too.
Their condition turned worse in 1978 when the Naga Min or King Dragon Operation started on February 6 from the biggest Muslim village of Sakkipara in Akyab (now called Sittwe).
Not only is China a key weapons supplier to the junta and indifferent to political repression in Myanmar, it is seeking to link Myanmar's Akyab port to Ruili in China's southwest Yunnan province as a corridor for mainly oil shipped from the Middle East (Straits Times, 2004).
Japan dropped bombs in Akyab (the main town of Arakan) on March 23.
The capital city Akyab (a Persian name given by the Muslims) has been changed to Sittwe.