Al Altaev

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Altaev, Al


(pseudonym of Margarita Vladimirovna Iamshchikova). Born Nov. 22 (Dec. 4), 1872, in Kiev; died Feb. 13, 1959. in Moscow. Soviet Russian writer.

First published in 1889, Altaev wrote mainly for children and young people (about 150 books). She also wrote biographies of artists, composers, and writers (Briullov, Glinka, Beethoven, Turgenev, Lermontov, Schiller, and others), and historical novellas and novels. The latter include Jan Has From Husinec (1904), Under the Banner of the Shoe (parts 1–2, 1906) dealing with the peasant uprising in Germany, The Landowner of Trotsnovsk (1908), During a Great Storm (1913), Stenka’s Freedom (1925), Children of December (1926), The Rebels (1926), and The Semenov Rebellion (1926).


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