Al Basrah

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Al Basrah:

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, Arabic al Basrah, city (1987 pop. 406,296), SE Iraq, on the Shatt al Arab. Basra is Iraq's second largest city and principal port. Its commercially advantageous location, near oil fields and 75 mi (121 km) from the Persian Gulf, has made it prosperous, and oil is
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, Iraq.
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Upwards of 10,000 Iraqi troops had amassed in an area near Al Basrah.
Upon returning to al Basrah, Governor Khalaf established a U.
They hung stationary in the air before releasing their missiles, guiding them into the target on the other side of the Shatt Al Basrah canal, then peeling away.
In a pooled report, Gethin Chamberlain, of The Scotsman, described how 1,000 or more terrified civilians were forced to run for cover as mortar rounds began falling on the bridge over the Shatt Al Basrah canal.
The coalition aircraft used precision-guided weapons to strike the launcher near Al Basrah, nearly 500 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, the U.
Aerial bombs were used seven times to drop the deadly nerve agent Tabun on elements of the Iranian Army, first at Al Basrah in March 1984 and subsequently at Hawizah Marsh, Al Faw and Um ar Rasas, at Basrah again in April r987, when the Iranian Army took 5,000 casualties, and finally at Sumar/Mehran and Halabjah.
SGS Oil, Gas & Chemicals Services (OGC) are pleased to announce the award by Ministry of Oil, Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), of Iraq, for Third Party Metering and Inspection Services at Al Basrah Oil Terminal, Khor Alamava Oil Terminal and single point Moorings.
Consulates General, in Erbil and Al Basrah, while others will also take on a more permanent feel as embassy branch offices.
Carver, the leading petty officer on the Al Basrah oil terminal, is tasked with making sure the Iraqis are receiving proper training on point defense.
One important project is the Al Basrah Oil Terminal (ABOT), formerly known as Mina Al-Baker.
On the Iraqi side of the Shatt Al Basrah Canal, the missiles struck two positions manned by the Sadayeen Hussein, the militia who were holding out in the besieged city.
It was the 14th day of bombing by the Anglo-American coalition this year In the attack, coalition forces targeted precision-guided weapons at a military mobile SAM system near Al Basrah, said a statement from the US Central Command.