Al Hasa

Hasa, Al

Hasa, Al (äl häˈsä, hăˈsə), region, E Saudi Arabia, on the Persian Gulf. Administrated as the Eastern Province, Hofuf is the chief town. Dates, wheat, and rice are produced. It was taken from the Turks in 1914 by Ibn Saud. The discovery of large oil reserves in the 1930s transformed the region and is Saudi Arabia's chief oil-producing area.
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Saudi Aramco is keen to develop the wealth of unconventional gas resources in Al Hasa, apart from establishing the King Salman Energy Park (Spark) between Al-Hasa and Dammam, as part of its effort to create more opportunities in the region.
Jwaid stressed the industrial estates' commitment to reducing energy cost for industrialists, adding that the company has the approval for a project to generate low-priced energy for industries on land it owns in Al Hasa. He predicted that measures to carry out the project will get under way next year.
(13) Unexpectedly, in the Al Hasa district, physicians also had low knowledge scores (66.6/100), with the biggest weakness in physicians' knowledge being disease epidemiology.
The second case involved a 40-year-old mother of two from Agusan del Sur who allegedly hanged herself with an electric cord at her employer's residence in Al Hasa, outside Riyadh.
The 40-year-old worker from Agusan del Sur allegedly hanged herself with an electric cord at her employer's residence in Al Hasa, outside Riyadh on June 12.
The second victim, from Agusan del Sur province, reportedly hanged herself on June 12 inside her employer's residence in Al Hasa, some 350 kilometers from the capital, Riyadh.
residence in Al Hasa, some 350 kilometers from Riyadh, on June 12, according local media in Manila.
As soon as it was informed about the sad accident by Al Hasa Traffic Directorate of the Eastern Province, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately sent one of its employees to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to follow up on the necessary procedures of getting death certificates and traffic reports to repatriate the bodies.
To help prepare the workforce, Aramco signed a Memorandum of Understanding in December with the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), the Saudi Electricity Company, General Electric (GE), and Siemens, to establish National Power Academies in the Dammam and Al Hasa areas.
Al Hasa, Saudi Arabia, July 12, 2016 --( Meet Mushot[TM], the new and exciting app that promises to revolutionize how you explore and share photos taken in museums.
There is "Al Hasa Al Abyadh" or White Pebbles site, a group of large rocks exist west of wadi Balt, resembling marble in the nature of its composition, and attract tourists.