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Smith, (Alfred Emanuel) Al

(1873–1944) political leader; born in New York City. Leaving school at age 12, he worked for the local Democratic organization and with its help was elected to the state assembly (1903). By 1913 he was assembly speaker, and in 1918 he was elected governor of New York; losing his first reelection bid, he won back the state house for the next three two-year terms; he proved an able administrator and surprisingly liberal and internationalist for someone who had emerged from the Democratic machine. After nearly capturing the 1924 Democratic presidential nomination, he won it in 1928, but, handicapped in part by his Catholicism, lost the election overwhelmingly. After unsuccessfully battling Franklin D. Roosevelt for the 1932 nomination, he came to oppose New Deal policies. He received many honors as a Catholic layman.
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In 1922, he entertained thoughts of running for governor of New York, but Al Smith blocked that and went on to win the governor's office.
Al Smith, corporate manager of Fleet/Toyota Rent a Car/Toyota Certified Used Vehicles, is promoted to vice president of Lexus customer service, replacing Fein.
A fund-raising event sponsored by the New York archdiocese to assist medical charities, the Al Smith dinner was started in 1945 by Cardinal Francis J.
Catholics first became solidly Democratic in the 1920s with the presidential nomination of Al Smith, a Catholic who endured religious prejudice from opponents, according to Reese.
The growth of Revitas's relationship with Impax Labs is great validation for Enterprise Revenue Dynamics in the pharmaceutical industry," said Al Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer at Revitas.
I remember the presidential campaign of 1928, when the jaunty Democrat Al Smith took on Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge's secretary of commerce.
CONTACT: Al Smith of Linc Facility Services, +1-617-416-6265, al.
3--SIMI only) From left, Al Smith, Dan Lawson, Sly ``Foxy'' Reifsnyder and Matthew Cregar prepare to move an A-26 Invader.
Al Smith Brings Extensive Trucking Industry Experience to the ClimaCab Team
and her husband Al Smith of Lunenburg and Judith A.
Samuels, Al Smith, Nelson "Rocky" Rockefeller, and many others who sought the highest office in the state -- the Communists, Progressives, Bull Moose, and Law Preservationists -- even Grandpa Munster (for the Green Party) -- who have made New York's Gubernatorial race unlike any other.
1996, September -- The Al Smith Foundation board -- of which the cardinal is a member -- decides that President Clinton will not receive the invitation customarily extended to sitting presidents for the annual Al Smith dinner.