Al- Atrash

Atrash, Al-


(also Atrash). Sultan (born 1891); leader of the Syrian national uprising (1925–27). Druze feudal lord.

In 1918 al-Atrash led the anti-Turkish movements of the Druzes in Syria, and in July 1922 he led the Druze uprising against the French colonialists. In July 1925 he led the anti-French uprising in the Jebel ed Druze region, which spread throughout Syria. On August 2–3, 1925, al-Atrash’s detachments defeated French troops in a battle near Mazra. In August 1925 al-Atrash was declared commander in chief of the Syrian national revolutionary army. After the uprising was put down in 1927, he emigrated to Arabia. He returned to his homeland in 1937.

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The head of the southern districts office of the Independent Commission for Human Rights Farid al- Atrash who was present at today's hearing, told Amnesty International: "This is dark day for the history of Palestinian justice, the court should have protected Issa's right to freedom of expression".
According to Farid al- Atrash, Issa Amro is being held in a tiny cell in very poor conditions.