Al- Qatif

Qatif, Al-


a city and port in Saudi Arabia, on the Persian Gulf. Population, approximately 30,000. Al-Qatif is the center of an oil-producing region. Connected by highway with cities in the eastern part of the country, it is a center for the marketing of dates. Groves of date palms grow in the vicinity.

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Similarly, the RPW population from Al- Qatif showed significant differences after 2 d (F = 66.56; Pless than 0.0001) and 4 d (F = 52.86; P less than 0.0001), whereas the Wadi Ad-Dawasir population showed significant differences after 2 d (F = 87.82; P less than 0.0001) and 4 d (F=48.23; P less than 0.0001) of feeding on the artificial diets containing different doses of cypermethrin (Fig.
The level of ethion resistance detected in the populations from Al-Ahsa and Al- Qatif suggest that the establishment of ethion resistance in the RPW populations is in its initial stages.