Al-Hakam II

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Al-Hakam II:

see Hakam II, al-Hakam II, al-
, 914–76, Umayyad caliph of Córdoba (961–76), son and successor of Abd ar-Rahman III. In the early part of his reign he successfully waged war against the Christian kings, Sancho I of León and Castile and García of Navarre.
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La supervision des travaux de construction de Madinat al Zahra' fut confiee, au temps meme du calife 'Abd al-Rahman III, a son fils et successeur Abu l-'Asi al-Hakam II (4).
In chapter 13, Action for the coming age, Mowat recalls that Caliph Al-Hakam II asked and received the help of Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus Phocas in decorating the mihrab (pulpit) in the great mosque in Cordoba.