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Hasa, Al

(äl hä`sä, hă`sə), region, E Saudi Arabia, on the Persian Gulf. Administrated as the Eastern Province, HofufHofuf
or Al Hufuf
, town (1993 pop. 225,847), E Saudi Arabia. Textile manufacturing, food processing, and Arabian horse breeding are important economic activities. It is also a trade center for dates, wheat, and fruit and has a large mosque.
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 is the chief town. Dates, wheat, and rice are produced. It was taken from the Turks in 1914 by Ibn Saud. The discovery of large oil reserves in the 1930s transformed the region and is Saudi Arabia's chief oil-producing area.
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According to a statement by the Joint Operations Command, "the regions liberated included al-Hasa, water station in al-Hasa complex, al-Shirwaniya, al-Tazaliya, al-Zallah, al-Awani and villages of Leheiba, al-Nazwa, and al-Saadiya village, stretching along 56 kilometers," Iraqi News reported.
From the city of Al-Hasa in the Kingdom's Eastern Province, he looks more comfortable in the thobe he wore when we had lunch recently in the Dubai International Financial Center - where the bank's regional business is based - than in the sharp Western business suit he sometimes wears to bank meetings.
Saudi Arabia's Shi'a are concentrated in the oases of Qatif and al-Hasa in Eastern Province where they comprise a majority.
The al-Hasa region in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia can become a major center for knowledge-based and innovation-driven sectors, and the small-to medium-size enterprises, as part of the Kingdoms economic transformation strategy, Amin H.
Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Mohammed Al Momani said that the attack against the Al Imam Al Rida Mosque in Al-Hasa reiterates once again that terrorism is blind and it that no one is excluded from its evils.
Al-Hasa province is witnessing growth in requests for licenses for the establishing and operating of tourist and hotel facilities, AMEinfo has reported.
The first was called "taweelat Al-Hasa," resembling hair clips.
They were seafaring peoples and Twelver Shias who inhabited Bahrain, Al-Hasa (the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia) and Kuwait.
71[grados]E Al-Hasa Arid 25[grados]25'N, 49[grados]37'E Tabuk Arid 28[grados]23'N 36[grados]34'E Jazan Semi-Arid 16[grados]53'N 42[grados]33'E Najran Semi-Arid 17[grados]29'N 44[grados]7'E Taif Semi-Arid 21[grados]16'N 40[grados]25'E AlBahah Semi-Arid 20[grados]00'N 41[grados]27'E Abha Dry -Med 18[grados]13'N 42[grados]30'E Average Annual Temp.
We conducted a prospective study in dromedary herds in Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia, through the peak calving season (December 2013-February 2014) to document virologic features of MERS-CoV infection in these animals.
Al-Khodari Sons Company has announced that it is in the process of handing over the $32m (SAR 120,293,000) Girls Science College project at King Faisal University in Al-Hasa for the Ministry of Higher Education.
Abqaig, al-Hasa and Tanijib communities all have tertiary wastewater treatment facilities, and DUD is currently conducting a study to upgrade Rahima and 'Udhailiyah STPs to a tertiary level.