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Qusayr, Al


a city in eastern Egypt. Population, 11,000 (1960). A port on the Red Sea, Al-Qusayr is linked by highway with the Nile Valley at Qina. Phosphorites mined near the city are exported.

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By: Fatma Al-Wahaidy CAIRO -- 30 October 2017: The Health Ministry announced in September that dengue fever is epidemic in the Red Sea city of Al-Qusair, following the diagnoses of thousands of citizens infected by the virus.
Fahad Khalifa Al Ahmad, Najeeba Abdullah Al Zaimour, Lina Mohammed Khunji, Yousuf Abdullah Al Kaabi and Ahmed Jalil al-Qusair.
One committee represents the families from the Qalamoun region and the other represents the families of Al-Qusair and Homos, Raad told The Daily Star.
Hezbollah took an active role in battlefields such as in the Al-Qusair battle (19 May 2013 to 5 July 2013) between the rebels, mainly the FSA and Al-Nusra on one hand, and Hezbollah and the regime's troops on the other.
A German tourist has been killed in a shark attack in al-Qusair, Egypt.
The gunmen who had their status settled come from several neighborhoods in Homs city and the towns and villages of al-Breij, Mahin, Hawarin, al-Jdaideh al-Sharqieh, al-Qusair, Ezzeddin, al-Rayyan, Talkalakh, and al-Dar al-Kabira.
Homs activist Ahmad al-Qusair, however, denied there had been roadside bombs and said the convoy was attacked by mortar shells fired by government forces.
In late May, Nasrallah said that the members of the Lebanese resistance movement were battling the anti-government militants alongside Syrian government forces in the strategic border town of al-Qusair -- an important center and supply route for the foreign-sponsored militants.
It is as though the spring summoned back terrorism and strengthened Al-Qaeda and its sisters, at a time when the Darfur tribes are bragging about the number of people they have killed and the tribes of terrorism in Syria are not hesitating to carry out mass liquidations against imprisoned soldiers, in a way that is no less horrific than the extermination of entire terrified families by the regime's air force in Al-Khalidiya after Al-Qusair.
Jassem Al-Qusair, a media professor, told KUNA, adding that a nominee must pick up a lucrative advertisement theme amid this torrent of campaigns by his (or her) foes.
Reinforced by Hezbollah fighters and armed with Iranian and Russian weapons, the Syrian army broke through rebel lines in the central city of al-Qusair last week.
The cabinet session scheduled for upcoming Monday should look into necessary action for halting Hizbollah's interferences in Al-Qusair, due to the extremely negative implications of such involvement on Lebanon," stated Geagea.