Aladdin's palace

Aladdin’s palace

built of marble, gold, silver, and jewels. [Arab. Lit.: Arabian Nights]
References in classic literature ?
The palace was finished by next day, and the genie carried him there and showed him all his orders faithfully carried out, even to the laying of a velvet carpet from Aladdin's palace to the Sultan's.
Have you not heard of Prince Aladdin's palace," was the reply, "the greatest wonder of the world?
Next morning the Sultan looked out of the window towards Aladdin's palace and rubbed his eyes, for it was gone.
The brilliancy might have be fitted Aladdin's palace rather than the mansion of a grave old Puritan ruler.
In the hasty furnishing of this Aladdin's palace, the slaves of the ring had evidently seized upon anything that would add to its glory, without reference always to fitness.
If it had been Aladdin's palace, roc's egg and all, I suppose I could not have been more charmed with the romantic idea of living in it.
The schools were newly built, and there were so many like them all over the country, that one might have thought the whole were but one restless edifice with the locomotive gift of Aladdin's palace.
Then, too, he was in a beautiful place, a consideration to which his sensitive race was never indifferent; and he did enjoy with a quiet joy the birds, the flowers, the fountains, the perfume, and light and beauty of the court, the silken hangings, and pictures, and lustres, and statuettes, and gilding, that made the parlors within a kind of Aladdin's palace to him.
As the food items appear, Dexter puns on them like an erstwhile Widow Twankey in Aladdin's palace.
His home was not an Aladdin's palace, this was not a man who was going on exotic holidays.
The building that housed the exhibition was impressive enough to be referred to as Aladdin's palace.