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The new project, Vila Alagoas, will be located in Voltalia's Serra Branca cluster, in the State of Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil), just south of the VSM1 (163MW) and VSM2 (128MW) projects currently under construction.
A cross-sectional study of food intake among a sample of adults with high blood pressure receiving treatment in primary care facilities in 12 municipalities in the State of Alagoas was conducted between September 2013 and February 2016.
Due to the absence of studies in Alagoas with information about Red propolis produced in the State, it is necessary to carry out studies on the bioactive potential of this natural product.
A Sede do municipio de Olho D'Agua do Casado localiza-se nas coordenadas geograficas 10[grados]03'30" Sul e 36[grados]49'00" Oeste, com altitude de 230 m (ALAGOAS, 2015), ocupando uma area de 322,264 [km.sup.2] (IBGE, 2015).
In the Bayesian phylogenetic tree, GaYMV grouped with SiMoAV, Sida mosaic Alagoas virus (SiMAV), and Sida yellow blotch virus (SiYBV), all obtained from Sida spp.
Esse congresso aqui em Alagoas foi historico porque as mulheres tinham acabado de vir do SENALE que e o Seminario Nacional de Lesbicas e e dentro do Congresso que comecava a polarizar a discussao da autonomia das mulheres dentro do movimento.
The experiment was carried out in the experimental area of the Arapiraca Campus of the Federal University of Alagoas (9[degrees] 45' S, 36[degrees] 39' W, 264 m), under field conditions, in the months of March and April 2014.
1 and 2), was caught in 2014 with a mist net set in the understory in the Reserva Particular do Patrimonio Natural (RPPN) Sitio Pau-Brasil (10[degrees]17'07" S, 36[degrees]21'07" W), Coruripe, Alagoas. This area is a fragment of approximately 300 ha of the Atlantic Forest in an advanced stage of regeneration, with trees reaching about 25 meters in height.
Em Alagoas, a regiao fumageiras e concentra em Arapiraca, que, em seu contexto historico, tornou-se a principal fonte de renda e comercializacao do fumo, configurando-se como um dos cultivos mais importantes do estado (2).