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(or Alakul’), an undrained salt lake in the Kazakh SSR.

The lake is located in a semiarid zone in the eastern part of the Balkhash-Alakol’ depression at an elevation of 343 m. It has an area of approximately 2,200 sq km, and its depth reaches 45 m. The annual fluctuation level of the lake is 1.2 m, and the period of stable ice on open water lasts from January until April. Together with the shallow lakes Uialy, Sasykkol’, and Zhalanashkol’, Alakol’ forms a lake system with a basin area of up to 55,000 sq km. The Emel’ River flows into the lake. Fish of the Schizothorax genus, perch, common carp, and the spotted loach ( Noemacheilus strauchi) are important to industry.


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