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A rapidly spreading fire in the Oakland Hills near Grizzly Peak Boulevard and Fish Ranch Road in Alameda County, California, has more than 150 firefighters from nine departments, who are still battling the brush fire that started Wednesday afternoon and was said to have grown to 20 acres.
Marr, Sanchez, and Casorso were convicted for conspiring to rig bids at foreclosure auctions in Alameda County, California, between June 2008 and January 2011.
We know from our daily work that the level of system coordination required to address the emotional trauma, constant physical danger and coercive techniques used by traffickers does not yet exist in California," said Stacey Katz, Executive Director of WestCoast Children's Clinic, an agency that serves over 100 commercially sexually exploited children per year in Alameda County, California.
The settlement offer is expected to end the consolidated lawsuits brought by the pension funds of Alameda County, California, Detroit, New Orleans, Guam and others, which claimed that they were misled about the amount of equity borrowers held in their homes.
Victoria Kolakowski, an administrative law judge with the California Public Utilities Commission, was elected Superior Court judge in Alameda County, California, becoming the first openly transgendered person to serve as a trial judge in the U.
3 Washington County, Arkansas 82 N/A Alameda County, California 58 N/A Los Angeles County, California 165 56.
Some of the worst-hit markets were: Alameda County, California (-24.
The second study is an examination of the regular Section 8 program in Alameda County, California.
Telecomms holding company AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) announced on Monday (29 January) that the company has signed a new comprehensive network, data and voice services contract with ValleyCare Health System, a not-for-profit health care system serving residents of the Tri-Valley area and surrounding communities in Alameda County, California, US.
In a study of nearly 2,000 residents of Alameda County, California, people who were more active were nearly 20 percent less likely to be diagnosed with depression over the next five years than less active residents.
This report examines the literacy levels of early childhood educators in Alameda County, California, providing initial evidence bearing on the important but missing link between adult English literacy skills and children's literacy environments.
For example, Lawrence Friedman and Robert Percival characterize criminal justice in turn-of-the-century Alameda County, California, in terms of a wedding cake, in which the cases were divided into informal graduated layers.

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