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Ayckbourn, Sir Alan

(āk`bôrn), 1939–, English playwright and director, b. London. One of Britain's most successful and prolific dramatists, he had his first play produced in 1959 and since then has written more than 50 works for the theater. He is known for the wit and ingenuity with which he portrays the foibles and anxieties of England's suburban middle class and their conflicts with those in the social spheres above and below them. Since 1970, Ayckbourn has been artistic director of the Stephen Joseph Company in Scarborough, where he began his career, and he has taught at the Univ. of Oxford since 1992. His antibourgeois farces, many of which were also produced in the United States and a number of which have been televised, include How the Other Half Loves (1970); Absurd Person Singular (1973); The Norman Conquests (1974), a trilogy; Bedroom Farce (1975); Season's Greetings (1982); the darker A Small Family Business (1987); Man of the Moment (1990); Communicating Doors (1995); Things We Do for Love (1998); Comic Potential (2000); and a paired comedy of manners, House and Garden (2001). Ayckbourn, who was knighted in 1997, has also written musicals and plays for children.
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DICK and Lottie, the popular Huddersfield theatre group that specialises in the work of Alan Ayckbourn, is to perform its latest offering, Private Fears in Public Places, to the world-famous and Yorkshire-based playwright himself.
NOBODY does Alan Ayckbourn better than the talented People's Theatre amateurs when they're on song - and you could say they've had plenty of practice.
I have had beautiful performances from star actors, but it becomes overburdened In Conversation With Sir Alan Ayckbourn and Arrivals and Departures WARWICK ARTS CENTRE by expectations from the audience.
Her previous work with the company includes Rape Of The Fair Country last season and Taking Steps by Alan Ayckbourn in 2011.
The film is based on a play by British dramatist Alan Ayckbourn - keep your eyes peeled for a poster of Scarborough, his hometown, which appears in Thierry's apartments.
Sir Alan Ayckbourn has written and produced 73 plays, of which 40 have been performed in the West End, and 10 on Broadway.
PLAYWRIGHT Sir Alan Ayckbourn could have been a character from one of his own farces after mistaking a burglar for a visitor to his house.
SIR Alan Ayckbourn could have been starring in one of his own farces after mistaking a burglar for a guest at his mansion.
But, when Alan Ayckbourn is involved, they are hilarious.
MIDDLESBROUGH Theatre has a comedy drama double next week, and both are from the pen of Alan Ayckbourn.
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Reza falls somewhere between Alan Ayckbourn and Tom Stoppard in her style of presentation and Christopher Hampton's translation isn't his most fluid.