Alan Bean

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Bean, Alan


Born March 15,1932, in Wheeler, Texas. US pilot-astronaut, navy captain first class.

In 1955, Bean graduated from the University of Texas with a major in aviation technology. He served in the navy and became a pilot. In 1963 he became a member of the group of astronauts of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration. From Nov. 14 to 24, 1969, he participated in the second flight to the moon, together with C. Conrad and R. Gordon, as the pilot of the lunar module of the craft Apollo 12 and carried out a landing with Conrad in the Ocean of Storms on Nov. 19,1969. The entire flight lasted ten days, four hours, and 36 minutes. He went out onto the surface of the moon twice. He was on the moon for a total of 31 hours and 31.5 minutes.

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US astronaut Alan Bean, the fourth person to walk on the Moon, carried it with him on the lunar module in 1969.
Robbins is the writer of "The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon," which tells the story of Alan Bean, the only artist to travel in outer space during the 1969 Apollo 12 mission.
Standing on the launch pad was the 365ft tall Saturn V, which fired Charles Conrad, Alan Bean and Richard Gordon out of the earth's orbit.
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Alan Bean packed two pieces of MacBean tartan when he went on the Apollo 12 mission in November 1969.
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