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Inside Passage,

natural, protected waterway, c.950 mi (1,530 km) long, threading through the Alexander Archipelago off the coast of British Columbia and SE Alaska. From Seattle, Wash., to Skagway, Alaska, or via Cross Sound to the Gulf of Alaska, the route uses channels and straits between islands and the mainland that afford protection from the storms and open waters of the Pacific Ocean. Snowcapped mountains, forests, waterfalls, glaciers, and deep, narrow channels give the Inside Passage great scenic beauty. It was known to Spanish, Russian, English, and American explorers. It is an important coastal route for Canadian shipping as well as the route generally used by ships sailing between the continental United States and Alaska.
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Yet, researchers keep trying to put their quantitative finger on just what is that has visitors flocking to the waterways of Alaska's Inside Passage.
Expeditions by sea kayak - sturdy, easy-to-maneuver watercraft that require zero brawn - are proliferating worldwide, with excursions along tranquil waterways in Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, Fiji and Vietnam, as well as the traditional happy paddling grounds of Baja California, Mexico, coastal Maine, and Alaska's Inside Passage.
Choose from four adventure itineraries: the 7-night Southeast Alaska's Inner Reaches Western Coves, Ketchikan to Juneau; 7-night Alaska's Inner Reaches Eastern Coves, Juneau to Ketchikan; 14-night Alaska's Inside Passage Ultimate Adventure (combined Western and Eastern Coves itineraries), Juneau round trip; and the 14-night Wilderness Passages of Discovery, Seattle to Juneau or reverse.
Along with a larger passenger load, seven ships instead of four will be home-based in Seattle this summer, which can translate into more travelers sailing Alaska's Inside Passage.
Princess Cruises' Crown Princess will sail from Vancouver, cruising Alaska's Inside Passage, Glacier Bay National Park and College Fjord before disembarking in Seward.
Alaska's Inside Passage - 7 nights, roundtrip from Juneau
The traveler who chooses Alaska's Inside Passage will also take away unforgettable memories, but the best experience for the locals has to be the tourist's boon to their economy.
The ship also explores Hubbard Glacier, Tracy Arm and Sawyer Glaciers and Alaska's Inside Passage, one of the most scenic sea-lanes in the world.
Waterfall Group also operates Alaska's Inside Passage Resorts, a venture of a cooperative nature that markets accommodation at a variety of statewide lodges and Alaska-experience affiliates.
Fire broke out Saturday morning aboard a cruise ship in Alaska's Inside Passage, killing five crew members and injuring 76 people, the Coast Guard said.
Ten departures are designed to explore Alaska's Inside Passage in depth, including Sitka, Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan, plus less-visited outposts such as Kodiak, Homer and Hoonah.

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