Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

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Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

Address:95 Sterling Hwy, Suite 1 MS 505
Homer, AK 99603

Established: 1909.
Location:Chain of more than 2,500 islands, headlands, rocks, islets, spires, and reefs off the Alaskan coast. Stretches from Cape Lisburne on the Chukchi Sea to the tip of the Aleutians and eastward to Forrester Island on the border of British Columbia.
Facilities:Visitor center.
Activities:Camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, educational programs, wildlife viewing.
Special Features:Includes the most diverse wildlife of all the refuges in Alaska. About 80 percent of Alaska's marine birds (15 to 30 million birds among 55 species) use the refuge.
Habitats: 4.9 million acres, including tundra, rain forest, cliffs, volcanoes, beaches, lakes, and streams. Most of the refuge (2.64 million acres) is wilderness.
Access: Refuge lands are open to the public at all times. Visitor center open mid-May through mid-September Wednesday-Sundays.
Wild life: Sea birds, sea lions, seals, walrus, sea otters, polar bears.

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Eradications of invasive species to restore natural biological diversity on Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.
Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, Homer, Alaska 99603, USA; present address: PO Box 1693, Homer, Alaska 99603, USA [c] The Arctic Institute of North America
The sprawling Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge stretches from Sitka in the south to Barrow in the north, straying as far west as the island of Attu in the Aleutians.
Anne Morkill was named the new deputy refuge manager for Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.
Here the center is close to numerous seabird colonies, marine mammal concentrations and salmon spawning streams in Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Fjords National Park and Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.

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