Alaska North Slope

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Alaska North Slope


Arctic North Slope,

region, N Alaska, sloping from the Brooks Range N to the Arctic Ocean. In 1968 large petroleum reserves were found in the Prudhoe BayPrudhoe Bay,
inlet of the Beaufort Sea and Arctic Ocean, N Alaska, in the Alaska North Slope region, east of the Colville River delta. In 1968 one of the largest oil reserves in North America was discovered in Prudhoe Bay.
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 area. In 1977 the 800-mi (1,287 km) Trans-Alaska pipeline was completed to carry oil S to the port of Valdez, on the Pacific. Proposals for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, E of Prudhoe Bay, have brought continuing controversy. A 2003 National Research Council report on drilling concluded that lasting environmental damage had resulted because the harsh climate slows natural recovery and because there is little incentive to restore areas where drilling has ceased.
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Premier Oil PLC has signed a sale & purchase agreement with 88 Energy and Burgundy Xploration LLC to farm-in for a 60% interest in area A of project Icewine acreage in Alaska North Slope basin.
"The Alaska North Slope super basin is the largest proven, but currently stranded, natural gas resource in North America," AGDC Communications Manager Jesse Carlstrom says.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 28, 2018-Red Emperor to Acquire Interest in Alaska North Slope Oil Prospect
14 October 2015 - Spanish energy company Repsol SA and privately held Armstrong (70 and 148, LLC 75% and GMT Exploration Co LLC 25%) have reached an agreement to strategically re-align their interests in their Alaska North Slope exploration and development venture, the companies said.
It was the first exported cargo of Alaska North Slope (ANS) crude, which is largely excluded from a 40-year US ban on oil exports, since 2004.
The office of the Federal Coordinator for an Alaska North Slope natural gas pipeline has posted a digital library that compiles, consolidates, organizes and preserves for the public many of the reports, maps, analyses and other work on proposed North Slope gas pipeline projects going back to the 1970s.
Key words: ringed seal, subadult, Cape Parry, Beaufort Sea, fall migration, diving, Alaska North Slope, Chukchi Sea
On completion the vessels will transport Alaska North Slope crude oil to destinations on the US West Coast.
Principal among its policies has been promoting the construction of a natural gas pipeline from the Alaska North Slope to the lower-48 states.
Fish and Wildlife Service's (FWS) proposed use of appropriated funds to purchase and distribute caps and other items to residents of Alaska North Slope communities in furtherance of the agency's eider conservation plan.
The new pact could help Korean companies to participate in the Alaska North Slope (ANS) project for pilot production of gas hydrates that is expected to begin in 2009.

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