Alaska Peninsula

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Alaska Peninsula,

SW Alaska, extending 500 mi (800 km) SW from the mainland, separating Bristol Bay and the Bering Sea from Cook Inlet, the Shelikof Strait, and Pacific Ocean. The Aleutian RangeAleutian Range,
volcanic mountain chain, c.1,600 mi (2,600 km) long, SW Alaska, extending W from Anchorage along the Alaska Peninsula, and continuing, partly submerged as the Aleutian Islands, to Attu island. Mt.
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, running the length of the peninsula, contains many volcanoes including Novarupta, Veniaminof, and Pavlof. The climate is cool, damp and foggy year-round. Native villages dot the shoreline; fishing and tourism are economically important. The peninsula has extensive federal and state protected lands including Katmai National Park and PreserveKatmai National Park and Preserve
, at the northern end of the Alaska Peninsula on Shelikof Strait, S Alaska, comprising Katmai National Park (3,674,530 acres/1,487,664 hectares) and an adjoining preserve (418,699 acres/169,514 hectares).
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. The Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge, 5,568 sq mi (14,421 sq km), which includes much of the peninsula's land that borders the Pacific, was established in 1980 to protect brown bear, moose, caribou, marine mammals, and migratory and shore birds. The Aleutian IslandsAleutian Islands
, chain of rugged, volcanic islands curving c.1,200 mi (1,900 km) west from the tip of the Alaska Peninsula and approaching Russia's Komandorski Islands.
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 extend SW from the tip of the peninsula.
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Alaska Peninsula

an extension of the mainland of SW Alaska between the Pacific and the Bering Sea, ending in the Aleutian Islands. Length: about 644 km (400 miles)
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Caption: (Top) My first hunt on the Alaska Peninsula back in 2009 resulted in this nine-foot-plus brown bear.
Note that Dumond (2016:401) does not seem to accept such an early start date for the Norton in Southwest Alaska; instead, he places the start date at about 2500 cal BP there and closer to 2300 cal BP on the Alaska Peninsula. However, early Norton dates ranging from 2800 to 2600 cal BP (Table 2)--contemporaneous with those from the Choris type site and Onion Portage (Giddings and Anderson, 1986; Anderson, 1988)--are also found at the interior lake sites of the Raleigh Knoll and Curtis sites (Shaw, 1989) and at Summit Island in Bristol Bay (M.
The majority of the Alaska Peninsula is dominated by alpine tundra, heath meadow, grassland, willow and alder communities, and barrens.
The 80-mile ferry trip from Homer to Illianna Bay would discourage many, for this stretch of water across Cook Inlet can get very rough." (125) In 1969, the Alaska state highway department conducted a study of a proposed "highway across the Alaska Peninsula from Cook Inlet to King Salmon...
Juveniles were concentrated along the outer shelf and in the vicinity of the Alaska Peninsula, but were largely absent from the middle shelf, which was characterized by cold pool bottom temperatures (<2[degrees]C).
Fish & Wildlife Service Alaska Peninsula and Becharof National Wildlife Refuges and the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.
Only an estimated 70,000 remain out of the 200,000 that once wintered along the Alaska Peninsula. New survival data, now being compiled, is not expected to change the picture.
Populations from southern Bristol Bay were intermediate between the two major lineages, and all populations from the Alaska Peninsula south and east to Washington State were identified as the second major lineage (Fig.
Red king crab were caught in a majority of the fishing attempts, and the crab ranged from Yakutat, through the Gulf of Alaska, and along the south and north sides of the Alaska Peninsula (FWS, 1942).
Moose were specifically mentioned in 8 refuges: Kenai, Alaska Peninsula, Innoko, Kanuti, Koyukuk, Nowitna, Tetlin, and Yukon Flats.
Plus, his house in Homer, Ala., overlooks three steaming volcanoes on the Alaska Peninsula, two of which have erupted on him.
"I don't think bears on the Alaska peninsula are endangered in any way," says Stonorov, "but this land was set aside to preserve high concentrations of brown bears, and I don't think the Park Service is managing the land in the spirit it was intended.

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