Alaska Range

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Alaska Range,

S central Alaska, rising to the highest mountain in North America, DenaliDenali,
formerly Mount McKinley,
peak, 20,310 ft (6,190 m) high, S central Alaska, in the Alaska Range; highest point in North America. Permanent snowfields cover more than half the mountain and feed numerous glaciers.
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 (Mt. McKinley; 20,310 ft/6,190 m). The range divides S central Alaska from the great plateau of the interior. Mt. Spurr, an 11,070-ft-high (3,376-m) volcano 80 mi (129 km) W of Anchorage erupted several times in 1992 after a dormancy of 39 years.
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Alaska Range


a mountain range in southern Alaska, in the system of the North American Cordilleras. The range is about 1,000 km long, with mean elevations of about 3,000 m. The highest peak in the range and in all of North America is Mount McKinley (6,193 m), around which is the Mount McKinley National Park. The Alaska Range was formed in the Jurassic Age. In the axial part it is composed of intrusive rock (granodiorites); along the edges, of sedimentary rock. The slopes are steep, rocky, and rugged. Railroads and highways have been built through the deep and sometimes rather broad valleys which cut through the Alaska Range. The range is an important climatic boundary. The wet southern slopes are covered by coniferous forest up to an elevation of 800 m and above this level are covered by eternal snows which feed the large valley glaciers. The northern slopes are more arid, with the timber line reaching up to 1,000–1,100 m. Mountain tundra lies above the forests. [1–1478–1 ]

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Alaska Range

a mountain range in S central Alaska. Highest peak: Mount McKinley, 6194 m (20 320 ft.)
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Low annual mean temperatures (-10 to -3[degrees]C) and the presence of permafrost across much of the interior and northern portion of Alaska (Alaska Climate Research Center, suggest that natural winter hibernacula are unlikely north of the Alaska Range. Cave temperatures tend to be very close to the annual mean temperature for an area (Wigley and Brown 1976), so if there are caves large enough to have a stable temperature in interior and northern Alaska, they are probably too cold to be suitable hibernacula.
It has made for poor conditions south of the Alaska Range, especially in the area of the Dalzell Gorge, considered the roughest patch for mushers and dogs.
Hunt Alaska also does very well, producing book-class bulls every season in its Koyukuk and Alaska Range areas.
2002: Winter for aging ecology of moose in the Tanana flats and Alaska Range foothills.--M.Sc.
Of course, much of that information remained just a dream to me as I lived four miles from the terminus of a glacier in the Alaska Range of mountains.
Northern Edge operations were conducted within the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex, which includes more than 60,000 square miles of air space and the Gulf of Alaska, encompassing 50,000 square miles of air space.
It'd started in a DeHavilland Beaver eight years, my senior, ascending over Cook's Inlet, entering the stunning Alaska Range, faces glued to windows as we watched rugged, glacier-tortured topography slide by.
Our Blue Air adversaries checked in and we proceeded to rage around the Alaska Range, playing MiG-29 Fulcrums for 30 minutes.
Puryear is a climber and photographer and has spent the last 15 years exploring the Central Alaska Range. Distributed by Maximus Press.
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Next up is a 250-mile journey on skis across the Alaska Range, followed by a sailing trip in the Caribbean.
He's one of five range control technicians who share the 'Godfather' moniker that describes their role when pilots go to Eielson's Pacific Alaska Range Complex to sharpen their ground attack skills and electronic warfare and defensive countermeasure training.

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