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king crab:

see crabcrab,
crustacean with an enlarged cephalothorax covered by a broad, flat shell called the carapace. Extending from the cephalothorax are the various appendages: five pairs of legs, the first pair bearing claws (or pincers), are attached at the sides; two eyes on short, movable
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; horseshoe crabhorseshoe crab,
large, primitive marine arthropod of the family Limulidae, related to the spider and scorpion and sometimes called a king crab (a name also used for the largest of the edible true crabs).
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King Crab


(Paralithodes camtschatica), an invertebrate of the family Lithodidae of the order Decapoda. Outwardly it resembles the crab, but actually it is closer to the hermit crab (family Paguridae). The cephalothoracic shell is heart-shaped and equipped with spikes. The abdomen is folded up under the céphalothorax (as in true crabs) and is covered with numerous plates placed in rows lengthwise; the females have asymmetrically placed plates. The width of the céphalothorax in large males reaches 25 cm, the legs extend to 1.5 m, and the weight reaches 7 kg. The females are smaller. The king crab lives in the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk and in southern parts of the Bering Sea. It makes regular migrations. Particularly large numbers are found on the western shore of Kamchatka, where the most intensive exploitation is also concentrated. Only the muscles of the legs are used for food.


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You're gonna do some serious fishing and some serious drinking," Gillam promises of the week-long excursion, a boys-only affair where executives masquerade as fraternity brothers and the only currency that counts is bottles of 18-year-old Macallen scotch, Macanudo cigars, and the 600 pounds of Alaskan king crab, prime rib, fresh-baked pies, vintage wines, and other necessities he taxies to the party in his single-engine, four-passenger Cessna 206.
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