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, Basque Euzkadi, Span. País Vasco, comprising the provinces of Álava, Guipúzcoa, and Vizcaya (1990 pop. 2,159,701), N Spain, S of the Bay of Biscay and bordering on France in the northeast.
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barracks in the Spanish Basque province of Alava in 2008 in what claimed the
US government officials have long alleged that the Alava Foundation was part of the Iranian government.
At the more hectic end of the spectrum are projects such as the Ysios winery at Alava by Santiago Calatrava, cheekily described by Graham Stirk (designer of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partner's Bodegas Protos winery in the Castilla y Leon region of northern Spain, AR March 2009) as 'a shed with a hair-do', which shouts for attention with brash materials and a surprisingly bulky structure.
Likewise, in the medical supplies field the PRGF regeneration technology, developed by BTI, a company from the Basque province of Alava, also stands out.
Significantly, an increasing number of species have been described in recent years from Cretaceous ambers such as Taimyr, Siberia (Eskov & Wunderlich 1995), Manitoba, Canada, Myanmar (= Burma) (Penney 2006b), New Jersey (Penney 2004a), the Isle of Wight, UK (Selden 2002); Alava (Spain) (Penney & Ortuno 2006) and Lebanese amber (Penney 2003).
Alava, a founder of Latin Beat magazine, documents the musical legacy of Spanish Harlem through six decades, noting the specific influences of artists from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo.
Loop back to Ozette on the Cape Alava Trail but beware the killer boardwalks, which can be quite slippery.
Neuregulin expression modulates clinical response to trastuzumab in patients with metastatic breast cancer De Alava E, Ocana A, Abad M et al.
Trails to both Sand Point and Cape Alava follow a wonderful wooden boardwalk nearly the entire way.
Tissue [alpha]-tocopherol content was determined triplicately with HPLC (HP 1100) using methods modified slightly from those of Alava et al.
Manta Airport will also be classified under Category 1, according to Jorge Alava, the Executive Director of its management body, the Corporacion Aeroportuaria de Manta.
Some researchers have investigated sex differences in so-called dynamic spatial tests (Colom, Contreras, Botella, & Santacreu, 2002; Contreras, Colom, Shih, Alava, & Santacreu, 2001; Law, Pellegrino, & Hunt, 1993; Sacuzzo, Craig, Johnson, & Larson, 1996).