Alazeia Plateau

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Alazeia Plateau


a plateau on the interfluve of the In-digirka, Kolyma, Alazeia, and Ozhogina rivers in the Yakut ASSR. The plateau is 300 km long with a mean elevation of 350 m. Rising over the undulating surface of the Alazeia Plateau are solitary mesa-like mountains and ranges from 400 to 954 m high. At the base of the Alazeia Plateau lie Proterozoic gneisses overlaid by Devonian igneous sedimentary and Jurassic tuffaceous deposits which have been breached by granites.

On frozen taiga mountain soils, thin boggy forests formed chiefly of larch, lichen, and dwarf Arctic birth extend up to an elevation of 450 m, while in the valleys there are poplar and chosenia floodplain forests. Up to an elevation of 600 m there are sparse clumps of stunted cedar, with mountain tundra above this.


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