Alberich's curse

Alberich’s curse

on the Rhinegold ring: possessor will die. [Ger. Opera: Wagner, Rhinegold, Westerman, 233]
See: Evil
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Most importantly of all, Morgan pinpoints Alberich's curse in Das Rheingold as encapsulating, for the first time, "all the major features of Tolkien's Ring" and proceeds to summarize them as follows:
Unlike Alberich, Sauron is in no position to curse the Ring, being effectively disembodied by its loss, but there is actually no need for him to do so as it is an accursed thing by its very nature (the inscription upon it corresponding closely to Alberich's curse as a description of its sinister purpose).
The 'blackening of the sun' proceeds by means of Alberich's curse, which transforms the ring's brightness (C major) into darkness.
By contrast, Alberich's curse in Scene 4 of Das Rheingold maintains unremitting subdominant progressions from B minor (Lex: b = daemon, enemy) through E, A, D, F and B flat minors, giving 'maximum wrongness'.