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Barnes, Albert,

1798–1870, American Presbyterian clergyman, b. Rome, N.Y. From 1830 he was pastor of the First Church in Philadelphia, mother church of the Presbyterian denomination in America. In the schism (1837–70) in Presbyterianism between the strict Calvinists and those whose views had become tinged with New England liberalism, Barnes's opinions and writings placed him with the liberal wing. His commentaries on biblical books, published as Notes: Explanatory and Practical (rev. ed., 6 vol., 1872), attracted wide attention.
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Writings from noted Theologians, including: Albert Barnes, J.
The suite of galleries that Dr Albert Barnes built to display his exceptional art beside his home at nearby Merion are brilliantly recreated with daring improvements.
And I think that's borne out by the decision by the Dandy editorin-chief, Albert Barnes, to recruit dad to take over drawing Dan.
The other large ride is the Figure of Eight roller coaster, built in 1920 by Yorkshire-born engineer Albert Barnes, who designed many of the rides on Marine Lake.
Further quoted was Albert Barnes, abolitionist and author of The Church and Slavery, who said: "There is no power out of the church that could sustain slavery an hour, if it were not sustained in it.
By contrast, here we have "The Art of the Steal," a heist movie featuring Albert Barnes and art carnage.
Albert Barnes, a wealthy owner of medicine patents and art collector who had a royal distaste for the Philadelphia art elite, the foundation is now worth billions and is housed in a small facility picked by Barnes in Merion, Pa.
He turned pro after being beaten in the Welsh ABA final by another Cardiff legend, Albert Barnes, the verdict triggering a riot.
As an example, he cites Albert Barnes, the benefactor of Pennsylvania's Barnes Museum, who "was at war" with the Philadelphia Art Museum.