Albert Canal

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Albert Canal,

waterway, c.80 mi (130 km) long, N Belgium, from the Meuse River to the Scheldt River; constructed 1930–39. The canal connects the important industrial region around LiègeLiège,
Du. Luik, Ger. Lüttich, city (1991 pop. 194,596), capital of Liège prov., E Belgium, at the confluence of the Meuse and Ourthe rivers, near the Dutch and German borders.
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 with the port of AntwerpAntwerp,
Du. Antwerpen, Fr. Anvers, city (1991 pop. 467,518), capital of Antwerp prov., N Belgium, on the Scheldt River. It is one of the busiest ports in Europe; a commercial, industrial, and financial center; and a rail junction.
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, Belgium.
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Contract award notice: Increasing the turnhoutsebaan bridge (n112) over the albert canal (in wijnegem) - providing support to the flemish waterway sa
The container terminal will cover 100 hectares along the Albert Canal, a small and shallow waterway located in northeastern Belgium.
The move strengthens DP World's presence on the Albert Canal in multimodal transport from and to Antwerp.
His military career ended with the loss of a leg in the Albert Canal crossing.
Despite a muted performance in last month's Euro 2002 Championship in Belgium, the six anglers who finished a disappointing fifth on the Albert Canal in Liege all keep their places in the world showpiece, on a river considered a waggler float venue.
Contract notice: Wbk-bb1114: Albert canal - city of genk: Renovate bridge over access channel kolenhaven genk.
The Albert Canal is one of the most important traffic arteries for multimodal transport from and to the Port of Antwerp as well as an alternative to the increasing amount of traffic on the motorways.
The sport's calendar takes its heroes across the world for races from the glorious bay of San Francisco to the narrow Albert Canal in Belgium and this year to the pinnacle of the sport: the world championships in New Zealand.
WCT has 350 metres of wharf on the Albert Canal and is a highly efficient terminal with berth performance around double the industry average and has key marine and rail links to major container ports of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge.
With the capture of two bridges west of Maastricht that spanned the Albert Canal, it appeared as though nothing could stop the enemy.
But both fell by the wayside in the Euro 2002 tournament, fished on the Albert Canal in Liege, Belgium.
Contract award notice: Design, Coordination and guidance in the construction of a bicycle bridge over the albert canal at the sas van godsheide with a connecting cycle path on the handelskaai until the junction with the heidestraat