Albert Edelfelt

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Albert Edelfelt
Albert Gustaf Aristides Edelfelt
BirthplacePorvoo, Finland

Edelfelt, Albert


Born July 21, 1854, near Borgå; died Aug. 18,1905, in Borgå. Finnish painter.

Edelfelt studied at the School of Drawing of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists in Helsingfors under B. Lindholm and B. Reinhold (1868–71), at the Antwerp Academy of Sciences (1873–74), and in Paris under J. L. Gérôme (1874).

Edelfelt, a representative of the realist school, was also influenced by impressionism. His works include historical scenes (The Swedish King Charles Mutilates the Corpse of His Enemy Stadtholder Flemming in 1537, 1878) and scenes from the life of the people (Peasant Women From Ruokolahti, 1887; Fishermen From Distant Islands, 1898), as well as landscapes and portraits (Mother, 1883; Louis Pasteur, 1885; A. Ackté, 1901). Edelfelt’s works are noted for their free, expressive use of form, subtle rendering of light and air, and bright, festive colors. All works mentioned are housed in the Atheneum in Helsinki.


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