Albert Heim

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Heim, Albert


Born Apr. 12, 1849, in Zurich; died there Aug. 31, 1937. Swiss geologist. Professor at the University of Zurich from 1875. President of the Geological Commission of the Swiss Society of Naturalists; founder of the Swiss school of glaciology.

Heim’s basic work was in geology, tectonic construction (he supported the theory of widespread covers), and the formation and freezing of the Alps. He investigated the mechanism of orogeny from the point of view of the contraction hypothesis.


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Albert Heim. His monographs, "Geology of the Himalaya" (1964) and "Geology of the Bhutan Himalaya" (1983) are set books and considered classics of descriptive geology.
Albert Heim (1849-1937), was an honourary member of the club, a respected geologist and mountain enthusiast whose idea it was to build a hut at that prominent geographical location.
Sure, Albert Heim is not the oldest hut (Grunhorn hut, built in 1863), nor the highest (Cabane de la Dent Blanche at 3,507 metres).
No, what makes Albert Heim special is its location.
"What makes Albert Heim popular is not just its accessibility but that it serves as such an extraordinary starting point," says Rey listing the panoramic Napall Highway and the Lochberglucke--into the scenic Goscheneralp valley--among the possibilities.
Rey goes on to tell of a large group of about 40 adolescents underway with a couple of "inexperienced" adult group leaders, who attempted the relatively short stretch from the trailhead at Tiefenbach to the Albert Heim.
When he took over the Albert Heim hut in 1999 he had already been caretaker of the less renowned Bergsee hut in Goscheneralp valley for seven years.
Armin Rey does not know how long he will continue running the Albert Heim hut.
To stay overnight with a half pension at the Albert Heim hut costs SFr 56 and SFr 65 respectively for SAC members and non-members.
Albert Heim: Owned by the Uto section of the SAC Located near Realp in Canton Uri.
The landslide problem plaguing today's researchers is the same one faced by Albert Heim, the Swiss geologist who traveled to Elm right after the disaster there.
Thanks to Franz Schertenlieb and his colleague Albert Heim for their efforts in combing the Swiss countryside so thoroughly those many decades ago to find the last of these dogs and bringing then back to their mascot land.