Albert Namatjira

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Namatjira, Albert


Born July 28, 1902, in Hermannsburg, Northern Territory; died Aug. 8, 1959, in Alice Springs. Australian painter.

Namatjira, an aborigine, was the greatest representative of the school of realistic watercolor landscape that originated in the Aranda tribe. He created colorful, majestic scenes of his native land.


Joyce, B. Namatzhira. Moscow, 1973. (Translated from English.)
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Hailed as one of Australia's greatest painters, Albert Namatjira nevertheless found himself caught in the crossfires between art and commerce, individual achievement and communalist welfare, and the budding Australian nation and its entrenched ill-treatment of its Aboriginal population.
The representation of the land in Budjarri Maroubra reflects some degree of influence from the well-known Australian Aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira in its realistic depiction and color palette.
Another highlight of this wonderful festival was the performance by Australia's Big hART theatre company of Namatjira, a powerful and ultimately heartbreaking account of the life of Albert Namatjira, Australia's first celebrated Aboriginal indigenous artist.
As a youngster, he would trace images by Australian artists Norman Lindsay, Albert Tucker, and Albert Namatjira from his father's art history books.
The lives, works and themes of three late contemporary artists are then presented with an emphasis on the effects of assimilation policy on them: Albert Namatjira, Les Griggs, and Lin Onus.
In what field did Albert Namatjira achieve success and fame?
The timing is just right--as the writers point out early in the introduction, the media's influence on popular perception was beginning to burgeon in the 1950s and had the capacity to shape personalities, as well as the perception of them, in a way that, in some cases, for example Albert Namatjira, had disastrous consequences.
So far this is a painfully short list that recognises only Rover Thomas, Lin Onus and Emily Kngwarreye, leaving Albert Namatjira with the long list of Australian artists.
In a radio interview in 1992 William described Albert Namatjira as possessing a unique ability to convey the feeling of the outback without embellishment or overstatement.
Abstract: Albert Namatjira (1) gained public acclaim for his art at a time when Aboriginal people were excluded from full citizenship in Australia.
Born out of a distinct aesthetic vision and confidence as a marked departure from the documentary-realist representations of Aboriginality that had characterised Australian mainstream filmmaking up until its year of release, Moffatt's film can be understood as a juncture between a host of traditions in Australian landscape painting, particularly that of Albert Namatjira, in Hollywood melodrama, and in avant-garde production and sound design and cinematic acts of telling ghost stories.