Albert Nile

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Albert Nile,

river, Uganda: see NileNile,
longest river in the world, c.4,160 mi (6,695 km) long from its remotest headstream, the Luvironza River in Burundi, central Africa, to its delta on the Mediterranean Sea, NE Egypt. The Nile flows northward and drains c.
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Albert Nile


the name given to the upper Nile River between Lake Albert and the mouth of its right tributary, the Assua River. The river has a smooth, plains-like flow until the Fola rapids, below Nimule, where its bed narrows to 20–25 m, and it becomes turbulent. The annual flow rate at the lower section of the river is 29 cu km.

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The northwest corner, west of the Albert Nile and south of Sudan, had been held as a private lease by Belgium's King Leopold II.
Murchison Falls National Park lies east of the northern end of Lake Albert, containing the falls of the westbound Victoria Nile, which goes into the lake, and several miles of the northbound Albert Nile, which comes out of the lake.
The Albert Nile was scarcely a mile to the north, surely visible but for the blessed trees.