Albert Reynolds

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Reynolds, Albert,

1935–2014, Irish political leader. A successful business executive, Reynolds won (1977) a seat in the Irish parliament as a member of the Fianna FáilFianna Fáil
, Irish political party, organized in 1926 by opponents of the Anglo-Irish treaty of 1921 establishing the Irish Free State and setting up Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom.
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 party. He was minister of posts and telegraphs and of transport (1979–81), of energy (1982), and of industry and commerce (1987–88) under Prime Minister Charles HaugheyHaughey, Charles James
, 1925–2006, Irish politician. A successful accountant and real estate investor, he entered Parliament as a Fianna Fáil member in 1957.
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. In 1988 he became finance minister, but he resigned in 1991 after he challenged Haughey unsuccessfully for the party leadership. When Haughey later resigned (1992), Reynolds succeeded him. As prime minister, Reynolds worked to promote a settlement in Northern Ireland. In 1993 he and British prime minister John MajorMajor, John,
1943–, British statesman, b. John Major Ball. Raised in a working-class area of London, he was elected to Lambeth borough council (1968–71) and entered Parliament as a Conservative in 1979.
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 wrote the Downing Street Declaration, which led to a cease-fire in Northern Ireland. He resigned in late 1994 but served as caretaker prime minister into early 1995.
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He said Albert Reynolds had received a payment of EUR150,000 in relation to a site in Athlone - but Reynolds rejected the claim as "spurious, unfounded, defamatory and untrue".
Helen Whelan, who works at the pet food plant owned by the family of the late former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds and who bought the [euro]16 ticket, said: "It's brilliant!
EX-Taoiseach Albert Reynolds has helped raise more than EUR60million in funding for measures to reduce global warming in Africa.
Former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds is one of a number of prominent speakers who is due to speak at the launch of the book, Ardoyne: The Untold Truth this week.
Former Irish premier Mr Albert Reynolds yesterday won the right to a new libel trial after Lord Bingham, the Lord Chief Justice, found there were "misdirections" by the judge who had awarded him just 1p damages.
Luke said: "The saying, 'How's it going?' got me breakfast with Albert Reynolds. It was the World Cup of 1994 and when roll call was given my post was to stand in front of the Fitzwilliam Hotel on Lexington Avenue where the Taoiseach Albert Reynolds would be having breakfast before the Ireland vs Italy game.
Albert Reynolds believed the Irish people had a right to know where the Taoiseach slept at night, but clearly Cowen feels otherwise.
Kicking off the action tomorrow, the popular show welcomes former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds who will bring his five favourite things to the studio as part of the Take Five slot.
THE son of the late Albert Reynolds has been approached to run for Fianna Fail, he confirmed yesterday.
MURPHY wonders what secrets will be unearthed and what revenge will be wrought if Albert Reynolds goes "nuclear" and finally pens the book he's been long threatening.
Twink starred in the Fine Gael Ard Fheis while Gerry Collins pleaded with Albert Reynolds not to 'burst up' the Fianna Fail party.