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Sabin, Albert Bruce

(sā`bĭn), 1906–93, American physician and microbiologist, b. Bialystock, Russia, grad. New York Univ. (B.S., 1928; M.D., 1931). He emigrated to the United States in 1921 and was naturalized in 1930. He conducted medical research for several organizations before joining (1939) the faculty at the Univ. of Cincinnati college of medicine; there he became (1946) professor of research pediatrics. He conducted research on viral and other infectious diseases and developed (c.1959) a live-virus vaccine for immunization against poliomyelitispoliomyelitis
, polio,
or infantile paralysis,
acute viral infection, mainly of children but also affecting older persons. There are three immunologic types of poliomyelitis virus, one of which was eradicated in 1999; exposure to one type produces immunity
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. The Sabin vaccine may be taken orally and provides longer immunity than the killed-virus vaccine. Also, the killed-virus vaccine protects only against paralysis, whereas the live vaccine guards against both paralysis and infection.
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Chiron is proud to commemorate the legacy of Albert Sabin and share in the Sabin Vaccine Institute's mission to prevent disease by advancing vaccines development and increasing immunization rates.
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Next year we are taking the entire Albert Sabin Convention Center as the venue for the second annual Easyriders V-Twin Trade Expo and we will also include metric motorcycle exhibitors," continued Teresi.
After Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin, few individuals deserve more credit for polio eradication in the Americas than Ciro de Quadros, the Brazilian epidemiologist who headed the Pan American Health Organization's immunization program from 1977 to 2002.
There is no "cure," but with the 1955 vaccine created by Jonas Salk and the 1962 vaccine from Albert Sabin, polio occurring through natural infection was eliminated from the United States by 1979, and from the Western Hemisphere by 1991.
He describes the wartime governmental campaigns to protect children against the ravages of typhoid fever, diphtheria, and yellow fever and explains the legendary rivalry between Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin and their respective polio vaccines.
Should they be working on live viruses, as proposed by Albert Sabin, or killed ones?
Contributions to the March of Dimes financed Jonas Salk, Albert Sabin and the other researchers who developed the polio vaccines that children around the world receive today.
1956: Albert Sabin discovered the oral polio vaccine.
Schneider, PhD, the Albert Sabin Professor of Molecular Pathogenesis, associate director for translational research and co-director of the Breast Cancer Program at NYU Langone Medical Center.