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Denmark: see AalborgAalborg
, city (1992 pop. 114,970), capital of Nordjylland co., N Denmark, on both sides of the Limfjord. It is a major industrial, transportation, and cultural center. Manufactures include cement, machinery, chemicals, liquor, ships, spitirs, and textiles.
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(Aalborg), a city in northern Denmark, in Jutland; located on Limfjorden (Lim Fjord). Capital of Ålborg Amt. Population, including Nørresundby, 155,400(1971). A railroad junction and large seaport, Ålborg manufactures cement, textiles, chemicals, and foods (in particular, spirits and vegetable oils). A major occupation of the inhabitants is fishing. Ålborg is also an important shipbuilding center.


, Ålborg
a city and port in Denmark, in N Jutland. Pop.: 121 549 (2004 est.)
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Y en la linea de Alborg y Blecua, se niega a aceptar leyendas apocrifas sobre Quevedo: <<la famosa Conjuracion de Venecia nunca se ha puesto en claro>>, y duda de la leyenda de la servilleta: <<no es nada seguro que este memorial fuera la causa de su prision>>; admira en el poeta <<una pasion evidente por el bien de la patria>> (93) y describe a un intelectual aplastado por <<un Poder politico que solo podia gozar de lo mal habido>> (97).
Como destaca Alborg (1980), Ochoa habia trabajado con Lista, y Minano, de los que habia aprendido mucho sobre Periodismo y el arte de escribir.
In recent years, the counseling/psychology researchers at universities have focused on interdisciplinary research, exploring learning and relational interactions within social contexts, such as work and educational settings (University of Alborg, 2009; University of Arhus, 2009).
Last week during United's mediocre display against modest Alborg, he stamped on an opponent.
A alborg had rarely threatened but they grabbed a lifeline when a speculative 25-yarder by Caca deflected off McManus and looped crazily over Boruc's head.
These authors include Paz-Soldan himself, a Bolivian, but also Concha Alborg, a Valencian by birth, who writes in both English and Spanish, according to Paz-Soldan, without mixing the two in any way.
In lack of extensive surveys on the consequences of Waiting Time, the DMBF has conducted a small, non-scientific survey of libraries in Alborg, Randers, Vejle and Frederiksberg in February/March 2007 which documents a severe decline of 12 percent in the loan of music in the examined libraries.
Blaze failed to qualify for the third round after bowing out in Denmark following defeats against AaB Alborg and HK Slavija.
En estos datos se refleja, como explica Alborg (1972), que las bibliotecas de las Sociedades Economicas acogieron muchos libros y publicaciones extranjeras y sus miembros las leyeron y difundieron, no solo de forma particular sino por medio de discusiones publicas, articulos, extractos y traducciones.
Africa Construction 532 ALBORG LABORATORY Egypt Health 533 COMMERCIAL BANK Zimbabwe Banks/Finance 534 TECHNOPACK Egypt Manufacturing 535 SOC.
Passenger Lars Knudsen, 35, a tourist from Alborg, Denmark, said: "Everybody on the bus just panicked.
In his study, Garff deftly limns the tensions and intense ties that bound these two men, as well as the complicated relationship between Kierkegaard and his elder brother, Peter Christian, with whom he had an intense rivalry and who would one day be appointed bishop of Alborg, and then, on another day, resign the post because of a crippling depression.