Albrecht Peiper

Peiper, Albrecht


Born Oct. 23, 1889, in Greifswald; died Oct. 7, 1968, in Leipzig. German pediatrician. Member of the Leopoldina German Academy of Naturalists, German Academy of Sciences in Berlin, and Saxon Academy of Sciences.

Peiper graduated from the medical school in Greifswald in 1914. In 1943 he became head of the school’s department of childhood diseases. From 1948 to 1958 he worked in the pediatrics department of the medical school in Leipzig. Peiper’s principal works dealt with nervous activity in infants and the history of pediatrics. He received the National Otto Heubner Prize of the German Society of Pediatricians in 1953.


Die Schwerkraftreflexe des Säuglings. Berlin, 1959. In Russian translation: Funktsii mozga grudnogo rebenka. Moscow-Leningrad, 1929.