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a settlement of the Tivertsy, a Slavic tribe, from the sixth to the early 12th centuries, located near the village of Alchedar in Rezina Raion, Moldavian SSR. It was studied between 1950 and 1963.

In the sixth to eighth centuries Alchedar was a small unfortified settlement. By the end of the ninth century the area of Alchedar had increased several times and a fortress with a mighty wall and a moat was erected in the center. In the early 12th century Alchedar became depopulated as a result of nomadic raids. In the main layer of the settlement, archaeologists found the remains of dozens of homes, shops, and economic structures and thousands of different objects of material culture (ornaments, work implements, and weapons). Other findings include furnaces for making iron, homes, and clay statuettes of people.


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