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At its opposite extremity the street leads to a deserted martello tower, and to the forlorn outlying suburb of Slaughden, between the river Alde and the sea.
Nearer to the eye, the sullen flow of the tidal river Alde ebbed noiselessly from the muddy banks; and nearer still, lonely and unprosperous by the bleak water-side, lay the lost little port of Slaughden, with its forlorn wharfs and warehouses of decaying wood, and its few scattered coasting-vessels deserted on the oozy river-shore.
The delegation headed by ALDE Group Vice President Javier Nart met with all the key persons while in all these meetings the ALDE delegation underlined the importance of political leadership and determination towards reunification, ALDE Group President said in his letter.
Photo shows PSBank EVP Jose Vicente Alde and USAID Mission Director Gloria Steele (2nd and 3rd from right, respectively), together with (seated, from left) Philippine Business Bank President and CEO Rolando Avante, BPI Leasing Corp.
Guy Verhofstadt MEP Leader of ALDE Group had said that this is the only way to evaluate correctly the situation and see if mistakes have been made and by whom so that a similar incident does not happen in the future.
ALDE also talks of having a revival of the SET plan, launched in 2007, with the intention of facilitating development and deployment of low-carbon energy technologies.
Passing this motion means the PSD and Alde are continuing to govern in the way Romanians elected in December," PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said.
When Olli Rehn was angling for ALDE investiture - and, ultimately, his chances were far from null - the EDP made it known that it could end up leaving the group if the Finnish commissioner - who symbolises austerity policy - was the face of ALDE's campaign for Commission president.
Alde said the blaze reached the second alarm, with firefighters finally putting it out at 9:55 p.
The ALDE has always supported Turkey's bid for the European Union (EU), Bagis said.
Corinne Lepage (France - ENVI) and Lena Ek (Sweden - ITRE - to be confirmed) will be the ALDE delegates.
Contract notice: Life project dredging alde feanen c3 and c4 areas and waterways.