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At its opposite extremity the street leads to a deserted martello tower, and to the forlorn outlying suburb of Slaughden, between the river Alde and the sea.
Nearer to the eye, the sullen flow of the tidal river Alde ebbed noiselessly from the muddy banks; and nearer still, lonely and unprosperous by the bleak water-side, lay the lost little port of Slaughden, with its forlorn wharfs and warehouses of decaying wood, and its few scattered coasting-vessels deserted on the oozy river-shore.
In JV play, McCrory lead in kills with three, followed by Zoey Herbord, Gruber, and Alde with two each.
ALDE's move, a year before a parliamentary election, would normally raise the prospect of an early ballot.
'In just five days, the total order book was four times oversubscribed, allowing us to significantly upsize the transaction to P6.3 billion,' Alde said.
In just five days, the total order book was four times oversubscribed allowing us to significantly upsize the transaction to P6.3 billion," Alde said.
Election results show the biggest winner as the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), which captured 108 seats (from the former 67).
Alde, 51, joined PSBank in 2007 and has more than 23 years of banking experience, formerly holding key senior management positions in ABN AMRO and BA Savings banks.
The ALDE, which organised a lunch attended by Sir Vince and his EU counterparts in Brussels, issued a tweet saying: "Pertaining to the Lib Dem press release issued today on Brexit: at the ALDE leaders meeting of 22 March no statement has been agreed upon or released."
In a letter sent to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, dated 23 June and posted on Wednesday on his personal Twitter account, Verhofstadt referred to a visit by an ad-hoc delegation from the ALDE Group to Cyprus in early June for an update on the state of play as the talks have resumed and in the run-up to the ongoing Cyprus Conference in Switzerland.
Guy Verhofstadt MEP Leader of ALDE Group had said that this is the only way to evaluate correctly the situation and see if mistakes have been made and by whom so that a similar incident does not happen in the future.
Ahead of the special European Council, on 4 February, devoted to energy and innovation, the European Parliament's ALDE group is calling on leaders to prioritise energy efficiency.