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An enzyme in anaerobic glycolysis that catalyzes the cleavage of fructose 1,6-diphosphate to glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate; used also in the reverse reaction.



an enzyme; one of the lyases, which split and synthesize carbon bonds (—C—C—). Its molecular mass is 147,000–180,000; the aldolase molecule is composed of two polypeptide chains. In animals aldolase is generally found in the skeletal muscles; in plants it is found in areas where photosynthesis takes place. Aldolase condenses aldehydes; this is the derivation of the name. It is catalyzed by a reversible reaction: fructose diphosphate ⇌ 3–phosphoglycerine aldehyde + phosphodioxyacetone. In plant tissues aldolase takes part in the dark phase of photosynthesis; in animals, in the process of glycolysis, which leads to the production of such energy-rich compounds as ATP.

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In addition Carbonic anhydrase, Fructose-1, 6-bisphosphate and Aldolase enzymes are activated by zinc.
9) Therefore, in that geographic area, use of either microscopy or MRDTs that target detection of lactate dehydrogenase or aldolase should be used.
On the other hand, glycolytic enzymes like aldolase A and GAPDH were down regulated in our study.
Ranger Aldolase, from Bangor in County Down, Northern Ireland, was accidentally shot by a colleague.
3) Interestingly, patients with active rheumatoid arthritis without myositis have lower (by half) CK levels than normal controls, although their muscle aldolase levels are higher than controls.
Sulpha medications (SMZ and dapsone, a sulphone) interfere with folate synthesis by competitively inhibiting the enzyme dihydropteroate synthase (DHPS) encoded by the folic acid synthase (FAS) gene, a multifunctional gene that also encodes dihydroneopterin aldolase and hydroxymethyldihydropterin pyrophosphokinase (5).
With the muscular injury of rhabdomyolysis, serum CK levels rise, as do serum myoglobin, aldolase, aminotransferases and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH).
In most cases, the white blood cell count and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate are either normal or only minimally elevated; CPK and aldolase levels are invariably within normal limits.
Laboratory measurements, including ESR, ANA, RF, aldolase, CPK, and SCL-70, often help to identify collagen vascular diseases as an etiology for the ILD.
Enzyme System AAT Aspartate aminotransferase ACO Aconitate hydratase ALD Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase AP-1 Glycil-leucine peptidase ARK Arginine kinase DIA Dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase EST Esterase [beta]-GAL [beta]-galactosidase GAPDH Glyceraldehide-3-phosphate dehydrogenase GPI Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase G3PDH Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase NAD (+) IDH Isocitrate dehydrogenase NADP (+) LAP-1 Leucine aminopeptidase-1 LAP-2 Leucine aminopeptidase-2 MDH Malate dehydrogenase ME Malate dehydrogenase NADP (+) MPI Mannose-6-phosphate isomerase ODH D-octopine dehydrogenase PGD 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase PGM Phosphoglucomutase PP Phenyl-proline peptidase SOD Superoxide dismutase Abbr.