Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Sablukov

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Sablukov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich


Born Oct. 22 (Nov. 2), 1783; died Mar. 3(15), 1857, in St. Petersburg. Russian inventor and scientist. Lieutenant general in the corps of mining engineers.

In 1832, Sablukov invented a centrifugal blower, which he subsequently improved. It came to be widely used in tanneries and sugar refineries, on seagoing ships, and in mines. In 1838 he designed a centrifugal pump, and he later worked on ways of using it in a ship propulsion unit. Sablukov designed artillery shells, mines, and optical sights.


Mémoire concernant quelques applications et la construction des machines généralement connues sous le nom de ventilateurs ou tarares et l’application nouvelle du même principe pour le déplacement des corps liquides. Paris, 1841.


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