Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Serno-Solovevich

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Serno-Solov’evich, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich


Born July 15 (27), 1838, in St. Petersburg; died Aug. 4 (16), 1869, in Geneva. Russian revolutionary. Brother of N. A. Serno-Solov’evich.

Serno-Solov’evich studied at the Aleksandrovskii Lycée from 1851 to 1857. In 1861 he joined the center of the recently founded Land and Liberty society. Sentenced at the Trial of the 32 (1862–65) to perpetual exile, he went abroad in 1862, where he remained for the rest of his life.

Serno-Solov’evich expressed the views of the left wing of the Russian revolutionaries in emigration and headed the Young Emigration. In 1867 he helped put out the first edition of the collected works of N. G. Chernyshevskii, published by M. Elpidin in Vevey. In 1867 he joined the Geneva Section of the First International. He corresponded with K. Marx. Incurably ill, Serno-Solov’evich took his own life.


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