Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Sleptsov

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Sleptsov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich


Born Sept. 28 (Oct. 10), 1836; died June 22 (July 5), 1906. Russian revolutionary.

The son of a landowner, Sleptsov graduated from the Alek-sandrovskii Lycée in 1856 and served in the Second Section of His Imperial Majesty’s Own Chancery. He helped organize the Land and Liberty Society in the 1860’s and was a member of its central committee. In January 1863 he went abroad, where he became ideologically close to the editorial staff of the newspaper Kolokol (The Bell) and took part in the activity of the Young Emigration. In 1868, Sleptsov returned to Russia. He served in the ministries of public education and finance, taught, and worked as a journalist. Late in 1870, Sleptsov invited Marx to collaborate on the scholarly journal Znanie (Knowlege). Slep-tsov’s notes, written in 1905 and 1906, are an extremely important source for studying the history of Land and Liberty in the 1860’s.


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