Aleksandr Alekseevich Iovskii

Iovskii, Aleksandr Alekseevich


Born Aug. 29 (Sept. 9), 1796, in Ostrogozhsk, now in Voronezh Oblast; died Jan. 22 (Feb. 3), 1857. Russian chemist and pharmacologist.

A doctor of medicine (1823), Iovskii was a professor at Moscow University (1835–42), where he lectured on general and analytical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, toxicology, and pharmacognosy. He published chemistry textbooks, written from the viewpoint of Dalton’s and Berzelius’ atomism. Iovskii also published the journal Vestnik estestvennykh nauk i meditsiny (monthly from May 1828 to December 1831; not issued in 1830), in which he popularized natural science and criticized F. von Schelling’s idealistic philosophy of nature, as well as vitalism and superstition.


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