Aleksandr Arkadevich Krasovskii

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Krasovskii, Aleksandr Arkad’evich


Born Apr. 10, 1921, in Kirovgrad, Sverdlovsk Oblast. Soviet scientist in the field of automatic control systems; corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1968). Member of the CPSU since 1947.

In 1945, Krasovskii graduated from the N. E. Zhukovskii Air Force Engineering Academy, where he is now working (he became a professor in 1954). His main works have been on the theory of automatic control. He developed the integrated-square-error method of evaluating the quality of control processes, the theory of two-dimensional systems with antisymmetrical couplings, and one of the methods for the analytical design of control systems. He has made a substantial contribution to the theory of automatic self-adjusting systems and aircraft flight-control systems. He has been awarded two orders, as well as medals.


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