Aleksandr Chudakov

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Chudakov, Aleksandr Evgen’evich


Born June 16, 1921, in Moscow. Soviet physicist. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1966). The son of E. A. Chudakov.

A. E. Chudakov graduated from Moscow State University in 1947. From 1946 to 1971, he was on the staff of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1971 he joined the staff of the Institute of Nuclear Research of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Chudakov’s main works deal with the nature and properties of cosmic rays. Chudakov developed a technique for measuring the energy of a particle that caused a cosmic-ray shower. He used the technique to search for local sources of high-energy gamma quanta. Together with S. N. Vernov and others, Chudakov discovered and investigated the earth’s outer radiation belt; for this achievement, he received a Lenin Prize in 1960.

Chudakov has been awarded three orders and various medals.

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