Aleksandr Egorovich Timashev

Timashev, Aleksandr Egorovich


Born Apr. 3 (15), 1818, in Orenburg Province; died Jan. 20 (Feb. 1), 1893, in St. Petersburg. Russian statesman.

Timashev served as adjutant general and became a member of the Council of State in 1867. From 1856 to 1861 he was director of the Third Section. Between 1861 and 1864 he was acting governor-general of Kazan, Viatka, and Perm’ provinces. He was minister of postal and telegraph service from 1867 to 1868 and minister of the interior from 1868 to 1878. Timashev was an opponent of bourgeois reforms in Russia and one of the organizers of the struggle against the revolutionary movement.

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