Aleksandr Elsnits

El’snits, Aleksandr Leont’evich


(also Aleksandr Li-udvigovich El’snits). Born 1849 in Moscow; died May 1907 in Geneva. Russian revolutionary shestidesiatnik (member of the progressive intelligentsia of the 1860’s); publicist.

A member of a noble family, El’snits studied at the medical faculty of Moscow University. Expelled from the university on Oct. 29, 1869, for participating in student protests, he was exiled to Yaroslavl Province. An associate of I. G. Pryzhov’s, El’snits emigrated to Switzerland in 1871 and joined the group of supporters of M. A. Bakunin headed by M. P. Sazhin; he became a member of the editorial board of the newspaper Rabotnik. In the late 1870’s he graduated from the medical faculty of the University of Geneva and withdrew from the revolutionary movement.

El’snits contributed to the journals Delo and Vestnik Evropy and to the newspaper Russkie vedomosti and Poriadok under the pseudonyms A. E., A. M., and A. Moskvin.

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