Aleksandr Grigorevich Arkhangelskii

Arkhangel’skii, Aleksandr Grigor’evich


Born Nov. 4 (16), 1889, in Eisk; died Oct. 12, 1938, in Moscow. Soviet Russian poet.

Arkhangel’skii’s work began to appear in print in 1919. From 1922 to 1932 he worked on the editorial staff of the magazine Krokodil. He wrote the collections of verse The Old Woman Commissar (1925), A Country Jingle (1928), The Kulak and the Radio (1931), and others. His most important works are his literary parodies of contemporary writers (in the book Parodies, 1927), which satirize not only peculiarities of style or manner but sometimes also the content of a work.


Izbrannoe: Parodii, epigrammy, satira. Illustrated by Kukryniksa. Moscow, 1946.
Parodii. Illustrated by Kukryniksa. Moscow, 1958. (Biographical information.)


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