Aleksandr Grigorevich Troinitskii

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Troinitskii, Aleksandr Grigor’evich


Born 1807; died 1871. Russian statistician.

A graduate of the Richelieu Lycée in Odessa, Troinitskii taught history and geography at the Odessa Institute for Wellborn Girls. At the same time, from 1827 to 1832, he was an adjunct in the physical and mathematical sciences at the Richelieu Lycée. In 1834 he became editor in chief of the Odesskii vestnik and the Journal d’Odessa. Troinitskii joined the staff of the statistical committee of the Ministry of the Interior in 1857, became a member of the minister’s council in 1858, and was made deputy minister of the interior in 1861. In 1867 he became a member of the Council of State.

Troinitskii played an important part in the organization of state statistics in Russia. On his initiative, the statistical agencies of the Ministry of the Interior were reorganized, and the Central Statistical Committee received the status of a department. He was the first head of the Statistical Council, which was established to coordinate government statistics.

Troinitskii’s main works were On the Number of Serfs in Russia (1858) and The Serf Population in Russia According to the Tenth Census (1861).

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