Aleksandr Gusev

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Gusev, Aleksandr Ivanovich


(party pseudonyms: Lavrushka, Dlinnyi, Cheldon). Born Apr. 22 (May 4), 1880, in Minusinsk; died November 1903, in Geneva. Russian revolutionary.

Gusev was born into the family of a rich merchant. In 1899 he graduated from the Tomsk Realschule and entered the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, where he joined a Social Democratic circle and carried on propaganda among the workers. In 1899, for his participation in student riots, he was expelled from the institute and exiled to Tver’, where he continued his revolutionary work among textile workers. He also took part in the publishing activity of the Moscow Social Democratic organization and was one of the organizers and members of the first Tver’ committee of the RSDLP. He worked on Iskra. He was a delegate to the Second Congress of the RSDLP, representing the Tver’ party organization. While crossing the border illegally, he caught a cold and died after arriving in Geneva.


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