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Unlike so many GULAG memoirists, she did not embark on her memoir with an understanding that she was undertaking a project in the tradition of such Russian literary memoirists as Aleksandr Herzen and Leo Tolstoy, or inserting her life into a grand historical narrative of the type Irina Paperno has explicated in her book Stories of the Soviet Experience: Memoirs, Diaries, Dreams (2009).
For the rest, he has preferred to write about those who have never made it into the philosophical canon: Johann Gottfried von Herder, Giambattista Vico, Johann Hamann, Aleksandr Herzen, Leo Tolstoy, Joseph de Maistre, Georges Sorel, Nikolai Bakunin.
Outstanding members of this group were Vissarion Belinsky, Aleksandr Herzen, and the novelist Ivan Turgenev.
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